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Phoenix Collective Giving Circle Supports Family Planning in Arizona with New Grant

PCGC Members Raise more than $3,000 for the Desert Star Institute for Family Planning

In response to the leaked draft opinion threatening Roe v. Wade, the Phoenix Collective Giving Circle (PCGC) has selected its 2022 grant recipient to be the Desert Star Institute for Family Planning (DSIFP).

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, the mission of Phoenix-based DSIFP is to create equitable access to reproductive health care for womb-bearing people while centering on Black and Indigenous people of color.

“Supporting Desert Star Institute means that we’re standing up for women’s rights to choose what happens to their bodies in our community,” said co-founder of PCGC Caitlin King Khoury. “Pooling our funds makes a much greater impact than just individual donations, plus we can rally additional resources like time and talent to contribute to this important issue.”

DSIFP's primary programs include an IUD Access Program, community education, and abortion training through the Next Generation of Abortion Providers Program (NGAPP).

"Funding for our mission is critical right now as we prepare for the reality of an Arizona where abortion care is illegal, should the Supreme Court overturn Roe v. Wade this summer,” said DSIFP Founder & CEO Dr. DeShawn Taylor. “Our community relationships and networks will be extremely important to ensure that Arizonans directly impacted by harmful policies will be able to obtain the reproductive health care that they need."

Launched in November 2021, PCGC comprises Arizonans who are inspired to create positive change in our community.

PCGC will continue to convene quarterly, with each member donating a minimum of $400 annually – $100 per quarter – to a pool of funds for distribution to hand-selected nonprofit organizations.

Currently, at 15 members, PCGC aims to grow to 25 members by 2023. Learn more at

DSIFP has several volunteer opportunities open, and those interested in supporting the nonprofit can find out more at

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