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Phoenix Collective Giving Circle Joins Forces with RIP Medical Debt to Eradicate Medical Debt for Arizonans in Need

The Phoenix Collective Giving Circle (PCGC) announced today its commitment to contribute its Spring 2024 Grant of $2,520 to RIP Medical Debt, a national nonprofit dedicated to erasing financially burdensome medical debt. This announcement comes as Arizona launches Affordable Arizona: Tackling Medical Debt for Working Families, a groundbreaking initiative led by Governor Katie Hobbs in partnership with RIP Medical Debt.


Governor Hobbs unveiled the Affordable Arizona initiative earlier this month, revealing plans to utilize up to $30 million in federal COVID-19 relief funds to purchase between $1.5 and $2 billion in medical debt. This ambitious endeavor aims to provide debt forgiveness for up to 1 million Arizonans over the next two years, offering critical financial relief to working families grappling with healthcare expenses.


The collaboration between PCGC and RIP Medical Debt represents a significant step forward in addressing the pressing issue of medical debt within the state. By contributing this grant to RIP Medical Debt, PCGC is bolstering the efforts of the Affordable Arizona initiative, particularly targeting Arizonans earning less than 400% of the federal poverty level.

"We’re very grateful that the Phoenix Collective Giving Circle has selected our nonprofit to benefit from this Spring Grant,” shares RIP Medical Debt VP of Development Scott G. Patton. “These funds will be an impactful supplement to the work we’re already devising with the state of Arizona government to relieve potentially hundreds of millions of dollars in burdensome medical debt. Because our nonprofit acquires medical debts belonging to those least able to pay in bundled portfolios for a fraction of their face value, this donation alone will erase an estimated $250,000 of medical debt."


PCGC, established in November 2021, comprises passionate individuals dedicated to fostering positive change within the community. Members commit to donating $100 per quarter to a pooled fund, which is then distributed to carefully selected nonprofit organizations. By directing their Spring 2024 Grant to RIP Medical Debt, PCGC underscores its commitment to addressing systemic issues and improving the lives of fellow Arizonans.


"We are proud to partner with RIP Medical Debt in our ongoing mission to aid the well-being of our fellow community members," said Caitlin King Khoury, Founder of Phoenix Collective Giving Circle. "PCGC is on a mission to ensure all humans have equal opportunities to survive and thrive on our planet. RIP Medical Debt's dedication to alleviating the burden of medical expenses perfectly aligns with our values, and we are honored to contribute to their impactful work."


Learn more about RIP Medical Debt at


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